Focal Point in Engineering Education:Research, Development and Transfer of Information- The Nigerian Experience.

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Falade, F.
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The principal reason for the existence of university is the acquisition and subsequent utilization of new information (research) and its dissemination to the end-users (education). Research is the bedrock of the university, its other responsibilities; teaching and service are made more meaningful and effective if backed up by serious minded research. Research in engineering education should provide answer to the new challenges in the industrial sector and assist in proper development of manpower needs for the technological growth of a nation. Collaboration between partners from industry and research institutions to work together on programs in key scientific areas assists the development of new products and services. This paper notes that there are some factors that militate against effective research in engineering, development of manpower and proper dissemination of available research findings to the end-users. Suggestions are made on ways of improving the current situation in order to make progress.
Conference Paper
Information transfer , Development
Falade, F. (2004) Focal Point in Engineering Education: Research, Development and Transfer of Information- The Nigerian Experience. Being a Paper Presented At The 2nd African Regional Conference on Engineering Education, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria, p. 137 - 145.