Funding Of Engineering And Technology Education In Nigeria.

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Ikponmwosa, E.
Falade, F.
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In Nigeria, funding mechanisms for Engineering and Technology Education in tertiary institutions have witnessed serious decline in the last two decades. In 1979, the Government introduced its policy of free education at all levels, which presupposed that it would adequately fund education. But rather than adequate funding, there has been a gradual reduction in government financial allocation to the sector in successive annual budgets. The consequence of this is the restlessness and greater clamour in the institutions on either fee based qualitative education or on establishment of privately sponsored dedicated engineering/technical colleges and universities. This paper compares the level of, and trends in funding of education in selected countries (including Nigeria) around the world. The study shows that in Nigeria, the level of funding per student had been on the decline from $4,753.00 in 1985 to $500.00 in 2001. The paper highlights the effect of poor funding on Engineering Education in the country and suggests some measures to improve the funding of Higher Education.
Conference Paper
Funding , Engineering Education
Ikponmwosa, E and Falade, F. (2004) Funding Of Engineering And Technology Education In Nigeria. Being a Paper Presented At The 2nd African Regional Conference on Engineering Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria. P. 222 - 230.