Proximate, ultimate analysis and industrial applications of some Nigerian coals

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Bodude, M.A.
Ayoola, W.A.
Oyetunji, A
Baba, Y. D.
Odukoya, A.L.
Onifade, O.A.
Olugbile, O. O.
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The physico-chemical, thermal and mechanical properties were used to evaluate coal samples from Udane-Biomi, EmeweEfoppa and Okobo, Kogi state, Nigeria. The results of the proximate analysis of the coals showed higher ash content for Udane-Biomi (75.23%) than Emewe-Efoppa (6.86%) and Okobo (3.32%) coal deposits. The Net Calorific Values (NCV) obtained from Bomb Calorimetry test indicated that the heating value of Emewe-Efoppa (25.25 MJ/Kg) and Okobo (26.53 MJ/Kg) coal samples were eight times higher than Udane-Biomi (3.2 Kcal/kg) sample. The chemical composition of the coal got from the ultimate analysis test showed that the carbon contents were between 10.40 – 68.59%. The sulphur and nitrogen contents in all coals were similar and significantly low. Based on the analyses of the results obtained, Emewe-Efoppa and Okobo coals may be used for different purposes such as power generation, fuels, feedstock for chemicals and Udane-Biomi coal is best for cement production.
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Coal reserve , Net calorific value , Proximate analysis , Ultimate analysis , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Bodude, M. A., Ayoola, W.A., Oyetunji, A., Baba, Y. D., Odukoya, A. L., Onifad, O. A., Olugbile, O. O. (2019). Proximate, ultimate analysis and industrial applications of some Nigerian coals. ABUAD Journal of Engineering Research and Development (AJERD),2(1), 20-25.