Personnel Supervision, Bureaucratic Control and Technological Control as Mechanisms for Managerial Control in Workplace

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Anyim, F.C.
Ideh, D. A.
Ufodiam, N.M.
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Within organizations, control can be viewed as the process through which managers regulate the activities of organizational members so as to ensure that they are consistent with the goals and standards of the organization. A goal, especially organizational goal is a desired future state an organization attempts to realize. As shown in the paper, there are several ways through which managers can regulate and control the activities of individuals and units so that they can remain consistent with organization goals and standards. It is within this context that this paper focused on three out of many managerial controls/ measures and/or methods which a manager can adopt in directing activities in the workplace for enhanced performance. These controls are: personnel or employee supervision, bureaucratic and technological controls. In achieving the objectives of the paper, several literatures on managerial controls were reviewed and situated within the confines of two, out of so many theories namely, the Structural Functionalist and Scientific Management theories because of their emphasis on performance and productivity in organization. The paper concludes that none of the three methods of managerial control examined is better than the other rather the application of each method depends on the prevailing circumstances within the organization. Besides, an organization can decide to apply the three types of controls simultaneously considering size and the resources at its disposal. Finally, this paper is useful as it emphasizes the need for control mechanisms to be taken as measuring rod by managers in ensuring that there is no deviation from set standards. © Ideal True
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Control , Bureaucratic Control , Personnel Supervision , Managerial Control
Anyim, F.C., Ideh, D. A., & Ufodiam, N.M. (2016), Personnel Supervision, Bureaucratic Control and Technological Control as Mechanisms for Managerial Control in Workplace. Ideal Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, vol.2 (6)., pp. 31-40.