Influence of social media networking on the academic performance of adolescents in Lagos Mainland local government area .

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Akanni, O.O.
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Faculty of Humanities and Education, Federal University,Gusau,Zamfara State.
High usage of social media by students has resulted in less academic engagement and a reduction in academic performance. Recent studies have also revealed the negative impact of social media on the students' academic performance. In many cases, the social aspect of social media technology takes precedence over academics, which can result in detrimental effects. This study investigated the relationship between social media and students' academic performance. Descriptive survey research design was adopted in the study. The population of the study included all Senior Secondary School Students in Public Schools in Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State. Sample of the study consisted of two hundred (200) students comprising male and female randomly selected through stratified sampling technique. The instrument used for data collection was a self-constructed questionnaire titled "Influence of social media networking's on the academic Performance of Adolescents Questionnaire" (ISMNAPAQ) and an Achievement Test on English Language (ATEL). Three hypotheses were tested and were all rejected at 0.05 level of significance. The results of data analysis revealed that: there is a significant influence of social media networking on the academic performance of adolescents, there is a significant relationship between social media networking and adolescents' and adolescents study habits and there is a significant gender influence of the use of social media networking on academic performance of adolescents. Based on these findings, the study recommended among others that there is the need for students to learn time management; students should always make out specific time for using the social networking sites and not to devote all their available time to it, as this can negatively affect their academic performance. It was also recommended that teachers should educate and motivate their students on the need to effectively employ social networking sites for pure academic purposes.
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Social Media Networking , Academic Performance , Adolescents' , Influence , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akanni, O.O (2018). Influence of social media networking on the academic performance of adolescents in Lagos Mainland local government area ((Assessment Implications). Journal of Humanities and Education (JHE), Federal University, Gusau, Zamfara State. 3(1), 87-100