Counselling Aid For Street Children In Lagos State:

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Omoegun, M.
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The alarming spread of the killer disease, AIDS especially among teenage children has· given rise to the major concern of this paper. Hitherto not much attention has been paid to the 'street children', although they seem to be highly vulnerable to HIV infection because they tend to indulge in 'survival sex' or prostitution and are more prone to rape than other children because of their predicament.The need for mounting up counselling aids for such street children has been extensively discussed in this paper with a view to developing a programme of care and sexuality awareness in order to check the spread of the deadly disease, AIDS. It is therefore recommended among other things that counsellors in collaboration with health personnel in their' respective states, particularly urban centres like Lagos State should form an NGO that would be committed to the provision of adequate. care for the street children in Nigeria.
Conference Paper
Disease , Sexuality
Omoegun,M (1998) Counselling Aid For Street Children In Lagos State:Towards Developing A Programme Of Care And Sexuality Awareness. Being a Paper presented At The 22nd Annual National Conference Of The Counselling Association Of Nigeria In Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria.