Pharmacognostic Characteristics of the West African Jateorhiza macrantha (Hook.F.) Exell & Mendonça (Menispermaceae)

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Ajayi, G. O.
Kadiri, A. B.
Ibiloye, A. E.
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Dr. Yashwant Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Pharmacognostic characteristics of Jateorhiza macrantha were studied and features that are of great value for its distinction from other related species are presented. Trichomes, cortical and vascular areas of the stem and leaf were found to store chemical compounds identified as alkaloids, tannins and flavonoids. Similarly, crystals of calcium oxalate usually in the forms of rectangular prism and sand were found in the epidermis, trichomes and cortical regions as well as vascular areas of leaf and stem. Mean proximate analytical values of water soluble extractives in leaf and stem are 4.33% w/w and 3.66% w/w respectively but lower values of 2.45% w/w and 1.42% w/w were obtained in the alcohol extractives. In addition, proximate value of water soluble ash is 2.5% w/w for leaf and 4.40% w/w for stem whereas it is 2.41% w/w for leaf and 1.74% w/w for stem in the acid insoluble ash. Those anatomical characters which can be reliably used for species distinction include hypostomatic leaf having anomocytic stomatal type, termination of vein branches at 3rd and 4th orders in the areole and unicellular or multicellular trichomes having funnel-shaped, rhomboidal or rounded glandular heads. With these features, the problem of adulteration which is often associated with crude drug plants like Jateorhiza macrantha in West African markets can be solved.
Pharmacognostic characteristics , Jateorhiza macrantha , Menispermaceae
Ajayi, G. O., Kadiri, A. B. and Ibiloye, A. E. (2015). Pharmacognostic Characteristics of the West African Jateorhiza macrantha (Hook.F.) Exell & Mendonça (Menispermaceae). International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research 7(5): 1001-1006