Maintenance Management Practices in Public Hospital Built Environment: Nigeria Case Study

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Adenuga, O. A.
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The study investigated the maintenance management practice in public hospital buildings in South-west, Nigeria, and identified the essential skills for maintenance managers in a hospital built environment. A total of 552 questionnaires comprising 206 for maintenance staff and 346 for users of public hospital building were collected and used for study. The survey covered 46 public hospitals representing 40% of the total number of existing public hospitals in South-west, Nigeria based on stratified random sampling technique. Data collected were analysed using mean item score, and spear-rank correlation coefficient. Findings of the study revealed that the staff strength of the maintenance departments is inadequate and they are inexperience on hospital maintenance management. Majority of the users of public hospital buildings do not have access to any formal training on effective use of hospital facilities. The skills considered necessary for an effective maintenance manager in executing maintenance operations in public hospitals are also revealed. The cause of low motivation in executing the desired maintenance programmes was also established. The study recommends that management should ensure that the head of maintenance department has the required maintenance managers’ attitude success factors before appointing them rather than being political in their selection. Management should ensure that all the staff are given adequate training for effective use of the building and the services.
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Public Hospitals , Maintenance Management , Maintenance Manager , Nigeria , Maintenance Practices , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture::Building engineering
Adenuga, O. A. (2012). Maintenance management practices in public hospital built environment: Nigeria case study. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 14(1), 228-244.