The relevance of mathematical knowledge in Telecommunications

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Abe, T.O.
Ogunniyi, M.B.
Omodara, A.O.
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Ikere Journal of the Science Teacher
Thai paper examined the relevance of mathematics on telecommunications. An investigation was carried out using the sample of one hundred and fifty workers of the Nigerian Telecommunications plc(Nitel) to three maintenance control points namely Ado and Ikere in Ekiti State and Akure in Ondo State with the use of questionnaires with reliability coefficient of 0.76. The two hypothesis formulated were subjected to statistical analysis by the use of converted t-test and Pearson product Moment correlation coefficient. The findings show that there was a significant relationship between the mathematically trained and non-mathematically trained workers also significant relationship existed between junior and senior mathematically oriented workers. Based on that finding last, emphasis should be laid on training and re training of workers in Telecommunications, as this will motivate the performance of workers in Telecommunications industry, Moreover, non-mathematically trained workers should be put under the supervision of those who are mathematically trained to enhance the technological development of the nation.
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Mathematical Knowledge , Telecommunication , Technological development , Nigerian Telecommunications plc(Nitel) , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Business and economics::Economics
Abe T.O.; Ogunniyi M.B. and Omodara O.A.(2005):The relevance of mathematical knowledge in Telecommunications, Ikere Journal of the Science Teacher, 1(1). Pp. 8-15.