Return of Schools to Private Managers In Lagos State:

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Okunola, P.O
Oyebade, S.A.
Oladipo, S.A.
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This study evaluates policy of returning secondary schools to their former owners in Lagos State in 2001. The study adopted the descriptive research design. Of the 48 schools returned,12 were randomly sampled. Data were not only collected from government publications, but were also gathered using checklists and inventory of facilities.SSCE results of 2000, 2001 and 2004 were presented in the study. Findings revealed absolute non-compliance to the deed of indemnity, which led to poor state of infrastructure, ineffective style of administration and inadequate welfare programmes for staff in the returned schools. The study suggested that government should ensure routine monitoring of these schools and fulfil his own part to ensure system stability and quality in the process of change.
Conference Paper
Nigerian Government , Routine Monitoring
Okunola,P.O,Oyebade,S.A.& Oladipo,S.A. (2005) Return of Schools to Private Managers In Lagos State:Implications For Quality Amid Change.Being a Paper Presented At The 29th Annual National Conference of The National Association For Educational Administration And Planning (NAEAP),Chinua Achebe New Arts Theatre, University of Calabar, Nigeria.