Mobile Telecom (GSM): Its Impacts on Household Income Generating Capacity and Business Expansion in Selected States in Southwest Nigeria

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Gold, Kafilah Lola
Saibu, Muibi Olufemi
Yusuf, Hammed Agboola
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American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research
The study examined the impacts of mobile telecommunication on the Nigerian economy and also examined the growth implication in terms of income generating capacities of households, provision of employment as regards to business expansion in three states in south west Nigeria; namely Oyo, Osun and Ekiti. Primary data was used for the study. One hundred and fifty (150) Questionnaire was administered to generate information and Multi-stage stratified random sampling procedure was also used in selecting the respondents from different zones in the survey area. Data collected from was analyzed using econometric technique. In the econometric technique used, two models were specified and Ordinary Least Square method (OLS) and multiple regression analysis were used in estimating the factors that impacted on mobile telecommunications as stated in the objectives of the study. However, the findings revealed that there are several ways telecoms have impacted on the economy of the individual household. Firstly, it has impacted on the transaction cost by reducing the cost of transportation and information gathering on their daily business. Secondly, it has also increase their market access and reduced distribution cost which invariably affected the service provider cost. Lastly it leads to reduction in poverty level and incidence through increase in income generating capacity and business expansion of households. Also, the study revealed how GSM has enabled Nigerians to transact their businesses easily resulting in higher productivity; improved living standard; boosted economic capacity and stimulate the economy to achieve the desired macroeconomic policy targets.
Mobile Telecommunication Income generation Business Expansion and Employment
Gold K.L; Saibu M.O and Yusuf H.A (2012) Telecom (GSM): Its impacts on Household Income Generating Capacity and Business Expansion in Selected States of Southwest Nigeria: American- Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research 7(1), Pg 32-40