Microstructural analysis of laser weld fusion zone in Haynes 282 superalloy

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Osoba, L.O.
Ding, R.G.
Ojo, O.A.
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Materials Characterization
Analytical electron microscopy and spectroscopy analyses of the fusion zone (FZ) microstructure in autogenous laser beam welded Haynes 282 (HY 282) superalloy were performed. The micro-segregation patterns observed in the FZ indicate that Co, Cr and Al exhibited a nearly uniform distribution between the dendrite core and interdendritic regions while Ti and Mo were rejected into the interdendritic liquid during the weld solidification. Transmission electron diffraction analysis and energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis revealed the second phase particles formed along the FZ interdendritic region to be Ti–Mo rich MC-type carbide particles. Weld FZ solidification cracking, which is sometimes associated with the formation of γ–γ' eutectic in γ' precipitation strengthened nickel-base superalloys, was not observed in the HY 282 superalloy. Modified primary solidification path due to carbon addition in the newly developed superalloy is used to explain preclusion of weld FZ solidification cracking in the material.
Joining Superalloy Welding
Osoba, L.O. Ding, R.G. Ojo, O.A. (2012). Microstructural analysis of laser weld fusion zone in Haynes 282 superalloy. Materials Characterization; 65: 93–99.