Breaking Through Gender Barriers: Religion and Female Leadership in Nigeria

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Adeboye, O.
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Journal of History and Diplomatic Studies
It is a known fact that leadership positions in religious and political realms in Nigeria have, for a long time been dominated by men. This paper attributes this to the influence of not only African patriarchy, but also of Biblical and European patriarchy [which ideas crept in during the colonial period). This study however notes with interest, that Nigerian women have begun to tackle these gender barriers with positive result the emphasis here is on religious barriers, especially those placed by Christianity. It is therefore argued that if women could successfully challenge - though not totally eradicate these religious barriers that were underpinned by cultural and spiritual authority, and held to be sacrosanct for ages, then political barriers could also be gradually dismantled This would afford women greater opportunity to directly contribute to the development of the nation through the exercise of political authority in their own right as leaders
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Political realms , Leadership position , African patriarchy , Christianity , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects
Adeboye, O, "Breaking Through Gender Barriers: Religion and Female Leadership in Nigeria". Journal of History and Diplomatic Studies, 22, (2005), 145-168 34.