Relating formal, informal religious activities with complete denture satisfaction

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Akinboboye, B
Mersel, A
Akeredolu, P.A
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Objective: Psychological factors determine satisfaction with complete dentures. Psychological well-being, which determines self-perception of health, is also influenced by level of involvement in formal religious activity. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of patients' involvement in religious activity on their satisfaction with complete dentures. Methods: This study was conducted in the Outpatient Clinic of the Prosthetic unit of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. New complete dentures were made for patient and they were recalled over a 2-year period. A structured 2-sectioned questionnaire was administered. Information sought in the first section prior to fabrication of denture was socio-demographics, socioeconomic status, religion, formal religious activities and motivation for treatment. The second section of the questionnaire on satisfaction was administered at the recall visit. Data was analyzed using SPSS (version 21.0). Results: A total of 44 patients were seen, 39 patients came for recall visit. Mean age was 66.31±17.42 years. Male participants were 61.5%. Majority (52.94%) of the patient were on soft diet. Aesthetic (64.7%) and mastication (64. 7%) were the main motivation factors seeking teeth replacement. Majority (55.6%) of the participants who rated self has “not religious” were satisfied with dentures (p=0.39). Participants with low level of involvement in religious activities had higher level of satisfaction with dentures (p =0.41). Conclusion: Patients' level of religious activity had no influence on their complete denture satisfaction.
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Complete denture , Dentistry , Satisfaction , Religious activity , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Orthodontics
Akinboboye, B.O., Mersel, A., and Akeredolu, P.A. (2017). Relating formal, informal religious activities with complete denture satisfaction. Nig J Dent Res., Vol.2(1):37-42pp.