Influence of recreational support and professional league services on economic development of Lagos State

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Ajibola, G.S.
Salami, B.E.
Adekanmbi, B.O.
Odin, E.F.
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Journal of Educational Thought, Department of Adult Education University of Lagos
This study investigated the professional league services on influence of recreational support and economic development of Lagos State. Two research questions were raised and formulated to guide this study, Literatures relevant to this study were reviewed using journals and unpublished theses and internet.The descriptive survey research method was adopted for this study, the purposive sampling technique was used in the selection of samples for this study. The population of this study consisted of all sport managers, fans, coaches, workers and athletes in Lagos state. The sample used for this study consisted of 250 which are sport managers, fans, coaches, workers and athletes in Lagos State. Fifty participants were selected from five sports centers in Lagos State. A developed questionnaire was used to provide the desired information needed for the study The inferential statistics ofChi-Square (X) was to test all stated hypothesis at 0.05 alpha level. From the study, it was found that group instruction services in sports facilities will have a significant influence on economic development in Lagos state, concessioning as sports facilites will also have significant influence on influence on development in Lagos State and rental services in sports facilities will have significant influence in economic development in Lagos state. The study recommended that the state and federal government should ensure provision of adequate and supervised sport facility management towards improving the economy, Tax cuts should be given to private organizations setting up sports facilities in communities in other to develop the economy and the government should formulate polices as regarding sports facility management services to improve the economy of the nation through sports
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economic development , professional sports league , recreational support , services sports facilty , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Ajibola, G.S., Salami B.E., Adekanmbi, B.O., & Odin, E.F., (2019). Influence of Recreational Support and Professonal League Services on Economic Development of Lagos State. Journal of Educational Thought, Department of Adult Education University of Lagos. 8 (1) 391 – 400