Assessment of Factors Affecting Maintenance Management of Public Hospital Buildings in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Adenuga, O. A.
Odusami, K. T.
Faremi, J. O.
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RICS, Georgia tech publishers
The study focused on factors affecting maintenance management of public hospital buildings in Lagos state. It also assessed the operational state of public hospital buildings within the study area. In achieving these objectives, opinions of maintenance officers and users of selected public hospital buildings were sampled through structured questionnaires. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The analysis revealed the operational state of public hospital buildings in Lagos State as been average, and there is no significant difference in the perception of the maintenance staff and the users as to the operational state. Maintenance officers and users of the buildings both ranked insufficiency of fund for maintenance programme as second most significant factor among other factors responsible for poor maintenance management of our public hospital buildings. Other factors found to be highly significant by the maintenance officers are; attitude of users and misuse of facilities, lack of discernible maintenance culture, inadequate training and reluctance of some establishment to support innovations. The users on their own perspective, ranked the inflation of cost of maintenance by the operatives, use of poor quality components and materials by the maintenance department and without long-term arrangements for the supply of essential parts for replacement as the most significant factor affecting maintenance management respectively. The study recommended proactive measures to reduce the occurrence of defects in the buildings elements and services. Governments are to provide adequate funding for the running of public hospitals and it should be a government policy that every hospital either public or private must have maintenance policy guiding the implementation of their maintenance programme. Building elements should be regularly inspected to ensure their functionality.
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Hospital Building , Maintenance , Maintenance Management , Sick Building Syndrome , Building Performance , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Other technology::Environmental engineering
Adenuga, O.A., Odusanmi, K.T. and Faremi, J.O. (2007). The construction andbuilding researchconference of the RoyalInstitution of Chartered Surveyors.