Issues in the Development of GIS Databases for Urban Mapping in Nigeria.

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Uluocha, N. O
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Urban growth in Nigeria is proceeding at a rather unprecedented rate. The rate of urban growth is currently put at 6% per annum. However, most of the urban centres are developing in an uncoordinated manner. This is largely due to the clear absence of appropriate and enforceable national urban development policy. For a continually changing environment such as the urban settlement there is need for a purposeful strategic planning process that would ensure that development takes place in a systematic manner. Unfortunately, owing to the current absence of well-spelt out urban development mission statements in Nigeria, the urban areas have continued to development in a haphazard manner. To worsen' the already bad situation, the urban centres are frequently experiencing a high rate of population growth, due to the unabated influx of people from the rural areas. Hence, following the lack of a comprehensive and coherent national urban planning and management policy in the country, coupled with the unregulated pattern of development of urban centres and the momentous rapid growth of urban populations, Nigerian urban centres are beset with a myriad of environmental problems. Prominent among such urban problems are traffic congestion, shortage of shelter, unemployment, inadequate supply of electricity and water, poor educational, medical and sewerage facilities, squatter settlement, blighted slums and environmental degradation. Not only that infrastructural facilities are in short supply in the urban areas, the few existing ones are not effectively managed and maintained.
Urbanisation , Development policy , Urban planning , Urban management , Population , Environmental degradation
Uluocha, N. O. (1991). Issues in the Development of GIS Databases for Urban Mapping in Nigeria, in P. Rizzi (ed.) Proceedings of the 6th International Conference in Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, Franco Angeli, Milano, Italy.