Comparative Self-Assembly and Equilibrium Studies of Pd(II) Coordination of - Octasubstituted Octylthio- and Dodecylthio-derivatised Phthalocyanines

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Ogunbayo, T.B.
Akinbulu, I.A.
Olusegun, M.A.
Udofia, I.A.
Mbambisa, G.
Olafimihan, J.O.
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FUTA Journal of Research in Sciences
-Octasubstitutedoctylthio-derivatised and dodecylthio-derivatised Phthalocyanines were investigated for Pd(II) coordination at room temperature. The effects of the chain length on number of bound Pd(II) ions, the binding process, structure of the final complexes and the equilibrium constants of coordination were also explored. The number of Pd(II) ions bound was 3 for all the molecules showing no contribution from chain length. There was a direct correlation among the carbon chain length, equilibrium constants and extent of loss of symmetry of the final structures. The longer chain length Phthalocyanine showed the higher equilibrium constant of 2.0 x 1013 dm3 mol-1 with a spectrum showing the more symmetrical final complex.
Thio-derivatised , Phthalocyanines , Coordination , Equilibrium , Symmetry , Palladium