Artibiotics: The Role of Two Art-forms in Strengthening Adherence to COVID-19 Health Measures in Lagos.

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Nweke, F.E.
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University of Lagos Press
Despite the initial uproar in the conventional and social media which the COVID-19 pandemic elicited, attention was not paid to various coping mechanisms available for restoring sanity and calmness to those who had been psycho-emotionally affected directly or indirectlyby the COVID-19 lockdowns. Given their information-dissemination capacity, music and animated cartoons played a crucial role in propagating the message of prevention of the virus. Information on how music helped in creating awareness during the previous outbreak in Nigeria such as the Ebola virus was elicited from the respondents in this study. The study adopted the methods of discourse analysis and Focus Group Discussions. It was found that various art forms such as cartoons, films, literatures and music and so on. Music, as portrayed in this study, helped residents to be wary of the virus, through the messages from the jingles. This study found out that, the various measures meant to help reduced the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic were sung in the jingles. The Songs also raised the hopes of respondents by shifting their attention from disturbing news about the pandemic to music and visual images. The study recommends that, the arts (music, cartoons) should be introduced at all strata of the society as well as in the school curriculum as one of the tools useful for disaster preparedness/prevention.
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Music , Art forms , Cartoons , Animations , Emotions , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Aesthetic subjects
Nweke, F.E. (2021). The Role of Two Art-forms in Strengthening Adherence to COVID-19 Health Measures in Lagos. Nigeria. University of Lagos Press.