Reduction of Traffic Congestion and Carbon Emissions Through Park and Ride Transportation System

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Rikhotso, J.T.
Ndambuki, J.M.
Kupolati, W.K.
Adeboje, A.O.
Kambole, C.
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Covenant University
Traffic congestion results in low vehicular speed, longer trip time, queuing, and blockage of movement coupled with increased demand of space beyond the road capacity. The transportation sector causes 13% of the emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG). It is a sector which is still developing. The fumes from cars contributes majorly to GHG emission. This work investigated park and ride facility as an optimal means of ameliorating congestion and hectic traffic situation within the City of Tshwane’s Central Business District (CBD) with a view to lowering greenhouse gases and their impacts on the climate. Traffic counts were conducted on heavily congested routes leading to the CBD and structured questionnaires were administered within the CBD. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by traffic within the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (CTMM) was estimated and the amount of CO2 to be reduced by using park and ride facilities was determined. Traffic volumes on the selected routes indicated a heavy reliance of over 70% on passenger cars as a mode of entry and exit to the CBD of the city. The survey conducted also showed that about 89% of the people interviewed may be delayed by traffic jams when they are going to work. Fifty-four percent of the respondents indicated intention to use park and ride facilities provided it would guarantee safety, security and reliability. The study also revealed that the use of park and ride transportation system may reduce 96.2% carbon emission by cars traveling along the A Re Yeng Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line in the city. Park and ride may be further researched for the feeder systems of the A Re Yeng BRT and within townships in the city of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.
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Climate , Greenhouse gases , Passenger cars , Vehicular speed , Traffic count , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Civil engineering and architecture
Rikhotso, J.T., [] (2016). Reduction of Traffic Congestion and Carbon Emissions Through Park and Ride Transportation System.