Three Church plays

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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THE PROSTITUTE OR THE PLAGUE 'Suddenly, woman became topical and a subject of solicitude. And under the aegis of the United Nations, the year 1975 was proclaimed the International year of Women. Subsequently on July 2· 1975, 7000 women across the globe held their first world congress in Mexico and a plan of action was decided and a global meeting was planned for 1980. Truth to tell during the 1975 Mexico conference African representatives Were not many and they had, not enough scientific documents to support their continent's delegation. The reason for this cannot be far fetched, because Western educated Afri-canwomen were .•.••• .••. . • '0" . .' not many, therefore African authors with a Gender Slant to their . . publications were in short supply. Thus it was only in Ghana and in Nigeria that Women writers of note existed to wit: Flora Nwapa who published Efurun, Idu (1971) and Never Again in 1975 and Buchi Emecheta, who published 171eDitch (1972), Second Class Citizen (1975), The Bride Prize (1976) and The Slave girl (1979). In Ghana, AmaAta Aidoo published Collected Short Stories and Erua Sutherland Edufa. It is not therefore surprising that the portrayal of African Women in African Literature during the Colonial period by tourist .Anthropologists and Ethnographers and Sociologists smacked of ~?lonial prejudice
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2002). Three Church plays