Event Centres in Lagos State: Analysis of their Growth Trends and Service Characteristics

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Babatola, O
Ojatula, Y
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University of Lagos Press
This paper analyses selected attributes of event centres in Lagos in the context of their increasing relevance as socio-economic utilities in the state. Based on rural-urban and income-level differentials, the study purposively focuses on three local government areas of Lagos. Data collection involved direct and rigorous fieldwork to obtain specific physical cum service attributes of the individual centres. Employing appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics, the paper analyses and compares the numerical growth and spatial descriptive summary of event centres in the selected study domains. Next, it analyses the basic-service capacities of individual centres, in terms of the relative pressure which the local population theoretically impinges on available seating capacities. Furthermore, it computes and compares supplementary utilities’ serviceability index for individual centres to reflect their relative competitiveness. It then examined the strength of correlation between some selected attributes of event centres to further describe inter-centre competitiveness: firstly, whether rental charges correlate strongly with the centre’s supplementary utilities’ status; secondly, whether observed correlation between centres’ age profile and their supplementary utilities status reflects their locus in the innovation-adoption curve, given that individual investment in event centres is perceived as an innovation adoption. Major findings indicate that Ikeja centres exhibit the highest degree of concentration and the least numerical growth rate. Centres in Ikorodu manifest the least level of service capacity and competitiveness. Overall, however, there is no statistical significance for the impression that the differences in the centres’ competitiveness and their respective ages reflect their locus in the innovation adoption curve.
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Competitiveness , Service Capacities , Event Centres , Lagos State
Babatola, O and Ojatula,Y (2014) Event Centres in Lagos State: Analysis of their Growth Trends and Service Characteristics. Journal of Geographic Issues, Vol. 2 (1)