Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Connecting Rod for G-300 Honda Generator

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Abdulkareem, S
Khan, R.H
Kolawole, M.Y
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University of Lagos Press, Akoka
This paper evaluated the mechanical properties of cast aluminum connecting rod, produced from recycled similar aluminum rod, in relation to imported rod. This was done via a permanent casting technique after which the tensile and hardness properties of the produced connecting rod was determine using universal tensometer with serial number UTM 10584 and Avery universal hardness testing machine (ASTM D789) respectively. Mechanical property characterizations show hardness value in the range 134 BHN – 139 BHN in the cast sample and 160 BHN – 162 BHN in the imported connecting rod. Tensile strength, percentage elongation, percentage reduction in area and yield strength in cast samples are 168 Nmm-2, 3.7 %, 7.8 % and 146 Nmm-2 respectively which are about 11 %, 34 %, 42 %, and 19 % respectively lower than those of the imported connecting rod. The difference in method of production of the two connecting rods was presumed to have been the major factor responsible for the mark difference in properties of the two rods. Though from these results, it is however presume that locally produced connecting rod through permanent casting can be made to improve in properties and compete favourably in strength with imported rod when further metallurgically heat treated via age-hardening, normalizing and solution heat treatment.
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Aluminum alloy , Connecting rod , Internal combustion engines , Mechanical properties , Permanent mould
Abdulkareem, S, Khan, R.H and Kolawole, M.Y (2015). Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Connecting Rod for G-300 Honda Generator. Unilag Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology, Vol.3(2), 30-43p.