Theoretical Determination of Temperature Field in Orthogonal Machining

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Ojolo, S.J.
Ismail, S.O.
Yusuf, T.O.
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Taiwan Association of Engineers and Technologists
In this work, mathematical models were developed to simulate the thermal behaviour of a cutting tool insert in three-dimensional dry machining. Models to determine the temperature rise at the shear plane and tool insert in orthogonal cutting were developed, simulated and validated. The effects of various machining parameters/variables such as specific heat of material of 4400J/kg, Depth of cut (t) of 0.0003m, Density of 7870kg/m3, Width of cut (b) of 0.005m, Chip thickness ratio (rt) of 0.42, Tool rake angle of 100, Cutting Velocity (V) of 35m/min and Shear force (Fs) of 1257.6N on temperature rise were well analyzed.
temperature, machining variables, orthogonal machining
Ojolo, S.J., Ismail, S.O., Yusuf, T.O. (2013). Theoretical Determination of Temperature Field in Orthogonal Machining. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation, vol. 3, no. 4, 2013, pp. 240-253