Beneficiation of Azara Barite Ore Using A Combination of Jigging, Froth Flotation and Leaching

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Mgbemere, H. E.
Obidiegwu, E.O.
Obareki, E.
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In this research, Jigging, Froth Flotation and leaching have been used to beneficiate barite ore from Azara, Nasarawa State Nigeria. Chemical analysis on the ore indicates that it contains 53.09% of Ba and 11.52% S with a specific gravity value of 3.207±0.03. After the jigging operation, the specific gravity values of the underflow and overflow are 3.77±0.029 and 2.77±0.058 respectively while the Ba and S increased to 78.61% and 15.87% respectively. After the froth-flotation, the specific gravity values obtained are 3.95, 4.1 and 4.05 corresponding to pH values of 5, 7 and 9 respectively. Frothed barite with pH of 7 was leached with 0.2M HCl and a mixture of 0.2M HCl and HOCl. After leaching, the specific gravity values are 4.38±0.03 and 4.27±0.02 for HCl and HCl+HOCl respectively. The X-ray diffraction patterns show that highly crystalline peaks are obtained after froth flotation while more phases are added with leaching.
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Barite , Specific gravity , Leaching , Froth flotation , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Mgbemere, H.E., Obidiegwu, E.O. and Obareki,E. (2018). Beneficiation of Azara Barite Ore Using a Combination of Jigging, Froth Flotation and Leaching. Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH), 37(4), 957 – 962.