The synergy of democracy and education: implications for workable philosophy and policy on education in Nigeria

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Akinsanya, P.O.
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College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology, Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State
Enthroning democracy in Nigeria appears to be a difficult project. since independence and even after the fourth republic, rather than practice democracy, Nigerian leaders have always resorted to militocracy, mobocracy or totalitarianism. this is not because our socio-political nature is antithetical to freedom, fairness and justice, but because such principles are not reflected in the system of education used to nurture Nigerians, especially the political leaders. they are trained by the authoritarian teacher in a military-like classroom, through a regimented and dictatorial curriculum. it may be extremely difficult to produce democrats from such environment . this paper thus argues that if Nigeria is really serious in becoming a free and democratic society, as reflected in her official documents, then her philosophy, policy and system of education would have to be re-patterned to give room for the usual relationship between a nation's ideology and the education system which is meant to achieve such ideology. the writer submits that since Nigeria has decided to adopt democracy as her social ideology, to achieve the latter, education which is a major instrument used in the achievement of societal objectives, must be democratized in Nigeria.
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Democracy , Education , Philosophy , Policy , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akinsanya, P.O. (2012). The synergy of democracy and education: Implications for workable philosophy and policy on education in Nigeria. Journal of Applied Education and Vocational Research, 10(1), 314 - 326.