The Menace of Inadequate Infrastructure in Nigeria

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Akinwale, A.A
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Routledge: Taylor & Francis
This study examined the menace of inadequate infrastructure in Nigeria, using participant observation and data from archival materials. The findings show that official attempts to enhance infrastructure have failed in Nigeria due to negligence and corruption. Successive Nigerian governments have promoted neoliberal reforms with emphasis on the need for infrastructure development. However, situations in Nigeria reflect infrastructure development. However, situations in Nigeria, reflect infrastructure inadequacy, resulting in sufferings among individuals and organizations. Therefore, there is urgent need for rapid improvement in the Nigerian infrastructure to avert impending dangers. Vision 2020 will be a mirage unless the present government ensures tremendously rapid improvements in infrastructure.
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Democracy , Development , Reform-Nigeria , Infrastructure , Institutions
Akinwale, A.A (2010) The Menace of Inadequate Infrastructure in Nigeria. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development 2(3)