A Survey of the Extent of Utilization of Services of University of Lagos Library

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Egberongbe, H.S
Okiki, O.C
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Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science
This paper is a result of an investigation on the needs and extent to which library clientele utilize library services and facilities being provided by the university of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba. The Research employed the use of several copies of a questionnaire and interview methods on 225 Respondents to gather necessary data for the study. The survey method covered a period of 2004/2005 academic session of the studied. It was discovered that the use of library is largely influenced by the users' familiarity with the library and its resources. Thestudy revealed that facilities provided by the library under investigation were not sufficient for the librar y clientele. The Researchers therefore recommend that adequate funding be made available to the library to ensure the provision of its essential duties.
Needs , Utilization , Library services
Egberongbe, H.S and OKIKI, O. C. (2006). A Survey of the extent of utilization of services of university of Lagos library. Lagos Journal of Library & Information Science, 3(2), 94-98.