Essays in World Theatre

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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In a Nigeria in which diplomatic ties are now knitted by sponsoring dramatic troupes to perform abroad, it is only natural to expect that reciprocity as a rule in international relations should recommend to us, Nigerian scholars, not only to write on Nigerian dramatic patrimony abroad but also to write on the performance of world theatre in Nigeria. In the month of February and March 1990, the Bubble Theatre of London and West End Theatre performed Macbeth by Shakespeare and Plaza Suite by Neil Simons in Lagos, Abuja and in different parts of Nigeria. Chinese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Soviet, French as well as American theatre groups have performed in Nigeria several times since 1962. We are also aware that Chief Ogunde had visited the Americas, Europe and had performed in many of their cities. Duro Ladipo and Kola Ogunmola had visited and performed in Algiers, Britain, France. Belgium, Austria, Holland and Brazil. European and American audiences already saw in their works similarities with Brechtian operatic works. Wale Ogunyemi's plays have also been performed in London and cw York. We are also aware of the fact that Albert Morgan's dance drama, titled Oshun Obaluaye, created by Cubans in Miami, Florida, in ovember 1983 reminds us of the cultural and linguistic affinities existing between igerians, Cubans and the Brazilian black Diaspora. To this may be added Zora Zeljan's play on Oxala (Orisa-nla) in which the Yoruba god, Sango, featured. Nigerian University wits, such as Bode Osanyin, Femi Osofisan, J.A. Adedeji, LP. Clark, Bode Sowande, and Wole Soyinka among others have also carried Nigeria's intellectual theatre to such countries as America, Japan, Senegal. West Germany, Switzerland and England.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2003). Essays in World Theatre. 218p.