Comparative study of aeropollen and pollinosis cases

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Adeniyi, T. A.
Adeonipekun, P. A.
Olowokudejo, J. D.
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Springer Nature Switzerland
Research linking pollen grains in the air withallergy cases (pollinosis) is still incipient in Africa. To closethis gap, aerosamplers were placed in Gbagada, LagosState and harvested monthly from January 2013 to De-cember 2014. Data obtained was correlated with allergycases (wheezing cough, rhinitis, and allergic conjunctivitis) from Gbagada General Hospital Lagos. Dominant pollengrains recovered were those ofAlchornea cordifolia,Amaranthaceae,Casuarina equisetifolia, Cyperaceae,and Poaceae. Pollinosis data revealed that wheezing coughhad the highest records in 2013 (1153) and 2014 (1409) while individuals of the age group 15–49 years had thehighest number of pollinosis cases for both years. Peakpollen season in 2013 was from October–December; sim-ilarly, October, November, and December recorded thehighest incidence of wheezing cough (225), rhinitis (21), and allergic conjunctivitis (56) respectively. In 2014, peakpollen season was from October–March while Octoberrecorded the highest number of cases of allergic conjunc-tivitis and rhinitis (81 and 32 respectively) and wheezingcough cases were highest in November (299). Total pollencount had positive significant correlation (p≤0.05) withwheezing cough cases for both years. Individually, eachdominant pollen had positive significant correlation (p≤0.05) with wheezing cough cases in 2013 while onlyCyperaceae and Poaceae pollen had positive significantcorrelation (p≤0.05) with wheezing cough in 2014. Con-tinuous collection of aeropollen and pollinosis data frommore locations within Nigeria is recommended to providean appropriate epidemiology of pollinosis cases in thecountry and ascertain possible responsible pollen grains.
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Aeropollen , Correlation , Pollinosis , Pollen Grains , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Adeniyi, T. A., Adeonipekun, P. A. and Olowokudejo, J. D (2018). Comparative study of aeropollen and pollinosis cases. Environmental Monitoring Assessment 190: 572