Laipairama: the anatomy of Lapai (envisioning Laipai in the next 100years)

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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The ook Lapairama is a child of historical antecedents. It is written like The Anatomy ofKabba: (Envisioning Kabba kingdom in the next 100 years). My readers will wonder what significance has Lapairama with Kabba kingdom for example. Historians of Nupe empire and Kabba kingdom will instruct readers of the role of Masaba and Etsu Maliki in the building or contribution of the duo in the social and political organizations ofKabba kingdom in the 19th Century, during the reign .of His Royal Majesty ObaroAjibohokun Gbaiyero from 1870-1923. This is to say there was a Suzeraincy or call it overlordship in the relationship between Kabba court and Bidacourt in the 19th century. Some loan words such as Shaba, the deputy to the Obaro or Obaro in waiting is a Nupe word used in the Obaro court in the 19th century and even princesses and princes bear such names as Adisetu, Aliyu. The grandmother of this writer was called Adisetufor example. What is more, the grandfather of this writer's wife is called Abubakar Ejibunu and he was the chiefImman ofKabba mosque (Mosalasi). He worked for Lord Lugard in the West African Constabulary and he was a polyglot who served Lord Lugard as his interpreter because he was fluent in Nupe, Hausa, English and Kabba Languages.
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Timothy Asobele, S.j. (2021). Laipairama: the anatomy of Lapai (envisioning Laipai in the next 100years). Forward by Garba