Industrial relations in the oil industry in Nigeria.

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Fajana, S.
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Oil and gas are essential components of industrialized civilization and economic growth. Although automation has reduced the need for a considerable amount of manual work, important components still rely on human input. Good employer-employee relations are, therefore, critical to the stable production and supply of crude oil for the sustainable development of the Nigerian economy, as well as to the world economy as a whole. The aim of this paper is to explore practices in industrial relations and social dialogue in the oil industry in Nigeria. The paper examines essential elements for good industrial relations in the sector. It addresses such topics as the positive contribution social dialogue can make towards promoting mutual respect, trust and confidence between the social partners and the Government ofNigeria.
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Economic growth , Industrial relations , Social dialogue , Industrialized civilization
Fajana, S. (2005), Industrial relations in the oil industry in Nigeria. International Labour Organization 2005.