Psychology, Leadership and Development: a True Perspective for Emancipation

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Eze, N
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University of Lagos Press
There is an academic discipline which, too many in the African part of the Third World, has not yet been well known, nor has it been recognised as an important field of study. That discipline is psychology. Exactly, what is it? What is its importance to human and national development? What are its uses and benefits to both the individual and the society? What roles does psychology play in enabling the society that understands and applies it to produce the right type of leadership, to emancipate itself and to become a developed nation? These questions are treated in this volume, in such a way that, in the end, the value and benefits of this "strange" discipline will be fully appreciated. Full appreciation is expected to translate into actions to be taken by the Universities and other educational institutions, organisations and corporate enterprises, leaders and managers, and the general citizenry in the society. Development in the title refers to the goal of development that must precede development actions, whether it is about people, or organisations, or nations. When it is about people or human beings, the goal is human development; when it is about institutions or organisations, the concern is organizational development; and, when it is about societies or nations, the goal is national development. In each of these, the goal of development must first of all be clearly set out in the form of directions, destinations and action plans, followed by implementation of the action plans, and finally by the realisation or otherwise of development itself. This whole process the goal-setting, action taking and development achievement, is an important psychological process among normal human beings. Indeed the process is development itself.
Africa , Third world , Psychology , Development , Citizenry , Society , Human beings
Eze, N. (2005). Psychology, leadership and development: a true perspective for, emancipation. Text of Inaugural Lecture delivered at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.