Constructing a nation through the constitutional process: the Canadian experience

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The paper seeks to contribute to the search for the appropriate constitutional framework by drawing on the experience of Canada, a country that has used the constitutional process to resolve the contradictions of the “two nations” concept that is at the heart of its historical and political development. In addition to the multi-ethnic factor, Canada shares certain historical antecedents with Nigeria. Both countries were creations of British colonialism and are therefore inheritors of British political, legal, administrative and socio-cultural traditions. Both countries are also federal in structure. However, whereas Canada has resolved the contradictions of its ethnic composition and has now evolved into a nation Nigeria remains a “geographical expression” that is yet to evolve into a nation. Nigeria has remained a country in search of nationhood. The Nigerian nation-in-being has remained a mirage and would not evolve until a solution is found to the Nigerian Question.
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Constitutional process , Historical and political development , Geographical expression , Ethnic composition
Constructing a Nation Through the Constitutional Process: The Canadian Experience (2004). Benin Journal of Historical Studies 4 (1 & 2) 81-103