Development, Validation and use of Science Process Skill Test for Junior Secondary Integrated Science

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Nneji, L.M.
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University of Lagos
The main focus of this study was to develop and validate an indigenous Science Process Skill Test and use it to assess the extent to which selected junior secondary (JSS) pupils had acquired Science Process Skills. The effects of four learning variables gender, ability, attitude and instructional transaction on their skill acquisition were also explored. Apart from the Science Process Skill Test, the study involved the use of four other instruments for the purpose of grouping the research subjects. A total of 1062 JSS II students drawn from Lagos, Imo and Kwara States Schools and Unity College served as the subject of this study. The development of the Science Process Skill Test involved the preliminary reviews of the National Core Curriculum on Integrated Science for Junior Secondary Schools to identify the relative occurrence of skills and use them as criteria for the section of the process skills explored in the study. The selected process skills were operationally defined in terms of the measurable behaviours associated with each skill. The expert-validated version of the statements of behaviours served as the test blueprint. Items that measured each behaviour were constructed and validated by nine science education experts.
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Process Skill Test , Integrated Science , Junior secondary School
Nneji, L.M. (1990). Development, Validation and use of Science Process Skill Test for Junior Secondary Integrated Science. A Thesis Submitted to the School of Post Graduate Studies, University of Lagos in Partial Fulfilment for the Award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Curriculum Studies University of Lagos.