The Counsellor and Health Psychology.

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Olusakin, A.M
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New Century Journal of Education
The rationale for involving counsellors in matters of physical health has been established. tn this paper, effort was made to present evidence that mental and physical disorders are created out of a complex interaction of social forces' physical as well as the personality of the person subjected to these influences and the inability of the people to adapt adequately to pressures. Attaining and maintaining health should be seen to adapt adequately to pressures' Attaining and maintainin[ health should be seen as chailenge. The challenge is not met without effort and responsibility. Consequently, many people can benefit from counselling in their search for health. Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a system of maintaining life, fueled by the body, the mind and the spirit. Good health is as much a state of mind. How the body functions is intimately connected to how a person thinks and feels, that is, to cognitive and emotional processes. The complex relationships among thinking, feeling, and behaving are the prime determinants of health.
Olusakin, A.M (1998). The Counsellor and Health Psychology. New Century Journal of Education 1 (1) 133 - 140