Awareness of STIs and Contraceptives Use among Out-of-School Youths in Nigeria

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Atere, A.A
Wahab, E.O
Ajiboye, O.E
Shokoya, H.O
Akinwale, A.A
Oyenuga, A.S
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The educational system in Nigeria is characterised by high incidence of dropping out of schools with adverse implications for the youths, who are sexually hyperactive without adequate knowledge about reproductive health decision making. What are the factors influencing contraceptive practices among out of school youths? These and other questions are what the study is set out to address. Triangulation of both quantitative and qualitative techniques was employed for data collection. Specifically, 200 individual based questionnaires were employed for collecting quantitative data from the youths, while 4 in-depth interviews (2 each-1 male and 1 female on youths and adults) and 4 focus group discussions (2 each- 1 male and 1 female on youths and adults) were employed for collecting qualitative data. In terms of data analysis, frequency distribution and chisquare (at 0.05 alpha level of significance) were employed for quantitative data, while content analysis and ethnographic summary were used for qualitative data. The results showed high awareness about STIs and HIV/AIDS but low level of contraceptive practices among the majority of out-of-school youths in the study area. It was found that many out-of school youths engaged in risky sexual behaviour with prevalence of unprotected sexual intercourse. However, the results of cross tabulation showed that the level of awareness about STIs and HIV/AIDS and contraceptive practices were significantly influenced by socio-demographic characteristics (education, sex, income and marital status). Considering the adverse implications of STIs and HIV/AIDS on sustainable human development, contraceptive use should be promoted among out of school youths in motor parks.
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Economic Empowerment , Vocational Training , Poverty , Sustainable Human Development
Atere, A.A [] (2009) Awareness of STIs and Contraceptives Use among Out-of-School Youths in Nigeria. Studies on Ethno-Medicine, Vol.4(2).