Involvement of Academic Librarians in Open Educational Resources Initiatives in Nigerian Universties

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Zaid, Y.A
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Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
The movement of Open Educational Resources (OER) has emerged as G:: answer to the need for open and reusable educational materials that are freely available online. Academic libraries all over the world are contrtbutirz; to open educational commons by either creating OERs themselves 0:- collaborating with faculty and IT staff in the establishment of institutional OER initiatives. With the need to stay abreast and remain open to the changing trends in the educational world, Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals in Nigeria are becoming essential partners in the collaborative educational efforts. The main objective of this study is to investigate level of involvement of academic librarians in OER initiatives' in Nigerian universities. Using a survey design, the paper examined level of involvement, actual roles, and new level of skills required for academic librarians to effectively perform their roles in OER initiatives. The paper revealed the level of involvement of the library and librarians in OER initiatives. It discusses the benefits of their roles and considers new level of skills required to launch into the future of OER and its attendant opportunity for academic libraries and Information Science (LIS)professionals in Nigeria. '-CThe findings revealed that majority of academic libraries under study are partners in OER initiatives with librarians actively performing specific tasks and processes. However, librarians required new level of skills to effectively perform more roles in OER initiatives. The study therefore recommended, among other things, that librarians should develop further expertise in technologies educational digital content to sustain OER initiatives in Nigerian universities.
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Information ethics , Information communication technology (ICT) , Academic Libraries , Library resources , Students , Plagiarism , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Zaid, Y.A. (2019). Involvement of Academic Librarians in Open Educational Resources Initiatives in Nigerian Universties. Research on Contemporary Issues in Media Resources and Information and Communication Technology Use: A Festschrift in honour of Professor Iyabo Motolagbe Mabawonku, Ed. by Olatokun, W.M, Aremu, A.O & Adetimirin, A. 284-302p.