Optimization of Chemical Demulsifications of Water in Crude Oil Emulsions

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Adeyanju, O.
Oyekunle, L.
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The instability of the water in crude oil emulsion and separation of the dispersed water as free water are influenced by the emulsion properties and the operating parameters during the demulsification process. This study aims to relate these properties/operating parameters to the amount of separated water. Steps were taken to determine and validate the optimal separations that can be achieved. Six operating parameters were identified through sensitivity analyses to have an energetic effect on percentage water separation. The bottle test method was used on two different samples of water in oil synthetic emulsions (sample A and B from different Nigerian oil fields). Response surface methodology central composite design (RSMCCD) was used to design the experiment, and generate the desired regression equations/ models. Results show that optimum percentage water separations of 93 and 95% (V/V) were achieved with the emulsions A and B respectively using the combination of the optimal variables derived from the model equations. These were improvements from percentage water separations of 80 and 83% (V/V) achieved using the two crude oil samples in their naturally occurring state when the properties of the emulsions were not enhanced to their determined optimal operating conditions.
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Operating parameters , Inter-molecular interaction , Mixing time , Optimal conditions , Demulsification , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Chemical engineering
Adeyanju, O.A. and Oyekunle, L. O. (2019). Optimization of Chemical Demulsifications of Water in Crude Oil Emulsions. Egyptian Journal of Petroleum, Vol.28, 289-293.