Expanding the capacity for educational gains through low-cost private basic schools in Nigeria

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Ubeh L. C.
Sule, S.A.
Odunayo, T. D.
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A publication of Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning
The proliferation oflow-cost private school in the Nigeria society is no longer news. The realization of educational potency as a veritable instrument for man's and societal transformation is undisputable, hence the rapid growth oflow-cost private schools in the educational sector, in response to growing demand for basic education. These schools are established to provide alternative and complementary services to the existing public schools. The low-cost private schools serve as life savers, providing opportunities for the larger population of the Nigerian society to fulfil their educational aspiration and dreams, thereby contributing towards achieving the nation's goals of education for all. Considering the quality of educationoffered by this sub-sector and given the dire economic conditions in which they operate, a new frontier for innovation is being opened up for the expansion of the nation's capacity for educational gains in ways that promote national cohesion and global competitiveness. This paper therefore highlights the strengths and opportunities posed by the trend of a rapidly growing low cost private basic education subsector, and explore options for expanding the gains of our education system for greater proportions of the Nigerian population through this subsector.
Scholarly article
Ubeh L. C., Sule, S. A. & Odunayo, T. D. (2018). Expanding the capacity for educational gains through low-cost private basic schools in Nigeria. Journal of educational administration and planning, 18(2), pp. 265 – 280.