West African Currency Board Earnings and the Distribution of its Income, 1912 - 1945

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Lawal, A.A.
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Obafemi Awolowo University Press Limited, Ile - Ife, Osun, Nigeria.
Hitherto, a plethora of historical literature has concentrated on the West African Currency Board, its evolution, its currency arrangement and operation. Without doubt, economic historians are yet to pay close attention to how the board shared its annual profits between the four British colonial governments from its inception in 1912 to its dissolution in the 1960s. This paper is therefore a reflection of recent research efforts at examining another important dimension of currency syndrome in West Africa. Its objective is therefore confirmed to the evolution of financial relationship among the colonies concerned through the medium of the currency board of which these colonies were shareholders. Attempts are made to explain the procedures of annual disbursements by the board, the criteria adopted for distribution of profits, the factors responsible for variations in the annual distributions and the mediatory roles of the Secretary of State whenever the board's disbursements were protested by the colonies
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West African Currency Board , Income
Lawal, A.A. (1989) West African Currency Board Earnings and the Distribution of its Incom, 1912 - 1945. A Journal of West African Studies (ODU) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile - Ife, Osun, Nigeria.Vol. 35, p. 140 - 160.