Approaches for Generating and Evaluating Product Positioning Strategy

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Oghojafor, B.A
Ladipo, P.K
Rahim, A.G
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Sciedu Press
Product positioning has been an important part of marketing since companies began to recognize the relevance of having control over their image. It is also a way of influencing consumer perception and purchase decisions as well as to satisfy corporate sales objectives. Developing an appropriate ‘product positioning strategy’ is usually influenced by such factors as the competitive marketplace, specific corporate goals, and organizational strengths. Once established, it has typically become a posture that influence and direct marketing communications. This paper investigates the approaches for generating and evaluating product positioning strategy, using descriptive research approach. The paper concludes that positioning is applicable to products in the broadest sense. However, Institutions, Organizations or even Countries can benefit from a well developed positioning strategy that focuses on a niche that is unoccupied in the mind of the consumer.
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Product , Buying behavior , Consumer perception , Brand
Oghojafor, B.A, Ladipo, P.K and Rahim, A.G (2013) Approaches for Generating and Evaluating Product Positioning Strategy.International Journal of Business Administration, vol. 4(1).