Toyin Falola and Yoruba Historiography

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Adeboye, O.
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Durham: Carolina Academic Press
This chapter analyses Falola’s contributions to Yoruba historiography. The emphasis here is not really to review all his publications on Yoruba history (and these are quite numerous) but to identify specifically his major contributions to the wider terrain of Yoruba historiography. The term ‘Yoruba historiography’ as used here incorporates the craft (techniques and methodology) of writing Yoruba history; trends in Yoruba historical writing (which include other scholars’ interpretations of the Yoruba past); and major issues and themes of Yoruba history. It is important to add here that the canons of Yoruba historiography are not necessarily different from those of say, African historiography where philosophical issues such as objectivity, explanation and nature of knowledge are concerned. General issues that revolve round the creation of knowledge and other epistemological matters are basically the same. What varies are the particular themes and topics pursued and the methodologies and sources that are tailored to suit them.
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Yoruba , Toyin Falola , Historiography , Africa
Adeboye, O. “Toyin Falola and Yoruba Historiography” in Niyi Afolabi (ed.) Toyin Falola The Man, The Mask, The Muse (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2010), 283-302.