Islamic Ethics in a Democratic Setting

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Adedeji, L. L
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Democracy has assumed an enviable position such ' hat Islamic scholars likened it with Islamic governance while non-Muslims accord it the best system ever evolved for mankind. It is incontrovertible that democracy has recorded a big success in Europe and America. Sherif (1992) opines that it is the best systems of government on earth. Similarly, Soze (1977) asserts that Islam and democracy are one and the same in their ideological society. The Qur’anic provision of the concept of Shura. (Consultation) (Q.3:159) and the prophetic foundation of consensus through his tradition that says “tiny followers will never agree on anything which is wrong ", speak v‹ fume. In other words, the principles of democracy provide the wherewithal for good governance which is equally supported by Islam. The above assertion could also be hinged on the recent development in Nigeria, where the dividends of democracy is beginning to manifest, though there is still room for improvement. The paper therefore, examines political situation in Nigeria with the view to setting a workable agenda for Nigerian Muslim politicians. The paper further highlights the principles that serve as moral and legal pre-requisites to any system before it become democratic and beneficial to the electorate.
Conference Paper
Islamic Ethics , Democratic Setting
Adedeji, L.L (2001) Islamic Ethics in a Democratic Setting. Being a paper presented at the Annual Conference of Nigeria Association of Teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies (NATAIS) held at Conference Centre, University of lbadan, Ibadan.