Webgraph Connectivity and Dynamics: Russian Research Institutions

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Pechnikov, A.A
Nwohiri, A.M
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This research paper proposes a webgraph dynamics model for research institutes based on a webgraph constructed on a set of instants of time and “return back” through removal of multiple hyperlinks. Analysis of the dynamics model, conducted for the webgraph of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) using real data obtained from websites age determination, shows that emergence of new links for each temporary step in the dynamics model of the webgraph cannot be explained only by the well-known principles of preferential attachment and initial attractiveness of vertices. Of much more importanceare the so-called ‘administrative actions’ –target programs implemented by policy makers both at the regional and national level, which are aimed at developing information resources. Investigations revealed there is an almost perfect match between the model dates marking significant changes in the webgraph dynamics model and the real dates when administrative actions came into force. The webgraph dynamics and connectivity of RAS research institutions were shown to depend on administrative actions of policy makers, implemented at both the regional and national level in the form of targeted programs aimed at developing information resources.
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Webgraph dynamics , Science policy , Russian Academy of Sciences , Russian institutions , Administrative actions , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
Pechnikov, A.A and Nwohiri, A.M (2015). Webgraph Connectivity and Dynamics: Russian Research Institutions. Webology, Vol.12(1).