Empirical Analysis of the Linkage Between Education and Poverty in Nigeria

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Dauda, R.O.S
Lawal, A
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This study empirically examines the linkage between education and poverty in Nigeria using annual time series data from 1980 to 2011. The stationarity of the data series was examined using Group Unit Root Test and it was ascertained that most of the variables attained stationarity after first differences. It was also established that long-run equilibrum exists among the education variables and poverty incidence in Nigeria but its effect is also very significant while other variables remain insignificant . The study concludes that educational attainment reduces the risk of poverty especially at higher levels. Therefore, the paper recommends that development programmes, planning and policies should be directed towards educational development with major emphasis on access by the poor while non-western education must also be developed.
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Education , Poverty , Nigeria
Dauda, R.O.S and Lawal, A (2014) Empirical Analysis of the Linkage Between Education and Poverty in Nigeria. Lagos Education Review, a Journal of Studies in Education, Volume 14 (2) & Volume 15 (1)