Physical Activity Intervention Effects on Tobacco Smoking Cessation among University Students

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Akinloye, A.O.
Sam-Odutola, M.
Akinwusi, A.T.
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SIU Journal of Management
Meta-analytical studies have confirmed that tobacco smoking is on the increase and that by the year 2020 tobacco use will cause 18%, and 11% of all deaths in developing and developed countries respectively. Although multiple studies have examined the effects of several techniques on quitting tobacco smoking with different population groups, the success rate is low. This study, therefore, investigated the effects of physical activity intervention on tobacco smoking cessation among university students in southwestern Nigeria. The moderating effect of gender was also examined. The study adopted a pretest-posttest, control group, experimental design with 2x2 factorial matrix. One hundred and twenty one undergraduate active smokers were selected from the Universities of Lagos and Ibadan, using network and purposive sampling techniques. Participants were randomly assigned to Physical Activity and Control groups. The Tobacco Smoking Cessation Questionnaire (r= 0.86) was used. The treatment lasted eight weeks. Two hypotheses were tested at the 0.05 level of significance. Data were analyzed using analysis of covariance. Treatment had a significant effect on tobacco smoking cessation among undergraduate smokers (F (3,117) = 353.789, n2= 0.85). Undergraduate smokers exposed to physical activity intervention performed best with a mean score of ( ̃ =70.55) compared to Control ( ̃ =35.48) group. There was no significant main effect of gender on tobacco smoking cessation. There was no significant interaction effect of treatment and gender on smoking cessation (F(6,114)= 407, n2 = 0.07). Physical activity intervention was empirically effective in quitting tobacco smoking among university students. Health care providers involved in anti-tobacco smoking cessation education should expose university undergraduate smokers to this intervention.
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physical activity intervention , tobacco smoking cessation , university students , Gender , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Akinloye,A.O., Sam-Odutola,M. & Akinwusi, A.T. (2017). Physical Activity Intervention Effects on Tobacco Smoking Cessation among University Students. SIU Journal of Management. 7(1). 53-68