Effects of Climate Change on Construction Project Planning in Nigeria

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Bello, R.A
Ogunsanmi, O.E
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Climate change affects the ecosystems as it creates desertification and serious flooding, and thus, increases the risks associated with embarking on construction project planning. The study assessed the effects of climate change at the first three stages of "the project management cycle" otherwise regarded as project conception planning, project design planning and construction planning. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain responses from eighty-eight (88) construction practitioners representing 73% response rate. Mean and repeated measure ANOV A test was used to establish the average scores and to explore significance differences among variables respectively. Frequent rainfall and extreme air temperatures delaying site preparation activities is the most significant effect of climate change on project conception planning, followed by high insurance costs on projects within flood prone areas. Severe weather events,45 which influence the selection and specification of construction materials, were considered as the greatest impact on project design planning. Too much rain which interfere with construction schedule and mixing of concrete causing newly laid concrete to be destroyed and, high wind which poses danger to lifellimbs at the construction sites on building requiring the use of scaffold were ranked very significant effects of climate change on project construction planning. Extreme weather events which influence the structure of site organization plan, and extremely low temperature interference with construction work were outranked in project conception planning and construction planning respectively. The study has provided construction professionals and project managers with useful information and considerations on the effects of climate change on construction project planning.
Conference Paper
Climate Change , Project Planning
Bello, R.A & Ogunsanmi, O.E (2012) Effects of Climate Change on Construction Project Planning in Nigeria. West Africa Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference, Abuja, Nigeria.