Occurence of Camplyobacter species in poultry forms in Lagos area of Nigeria

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Smith, S. I.
Aboaba, O.O.
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Journal of Environmental Biology
Samples of poultry droppings were collected from fifty poultry farms in Lagos area of Nigeria. Campylobacter species were isolated from serially diluted samples using Bolton selective enrichment medium under microaerophilic condition at 42 degrees C. Samples of water, both treated and untreated used in the farms were also analysed in the same manner. Fifteen Campylobacter strains were isolated from the droppings. All the strains were identified using biochemical characteristics differentiating Campylobacter species. They were identified as hippurate positive (C. jejuni) and negative species (C. coli). They were biotype' using the extended scheme described by Lior (1984). Campylobacter coli biotype 'I was the most prevalent (66.66%) followed by C. jejuni biotype 1 (20.00%). The biotype ii of the two species accounted for 6.67% each. The C. jejuni biotype III and IV were not isolated during the study. The preponderance of C. coli indicates that poultry can be a major reservoir for the spread of human campylobacteriosis. Poultry farmers, therefore, must ensure prompt and adequate means of disposal of waste materials as well as maintaining good sanitary conditions
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Campylobacter , Biotypes , Poultry , Camplyobacterioses , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES
Aboaba, O.O. and Smith, S.I., 2005. Occurrence of Campylobacter species in poultry forms in Lagos area of Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Biology, 26(2 Suppl), pp.403-408.