Foliar epidermal morphology of some Nigerian species of Senna (Caesalpiniaceae)

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Ogundipe, O.T.
Kadiri, A. B.
Adekanmbi, O. H.
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Indian Society for Education and Environment
A comparative foliar epidermal and petiole anatomical morphology of six commonly used pharmacodynamics species of Senna in Nigeria was investigated with a view to elucidating their taxonomic significance and present complementary data which would aid the recognition of the species. The cell shape may be polygonal and irregular on both surfaces and either polygonal or irregular on any of the two surfaces of the leaf. Anticlinal wall is either straight or undulate and curved. Usually, the epidermal cell size is more on the adaxial surface and the leaf is either amphistomatic or hypostomatic. Trichomes are usually slender acicular to conical and glandular or non-glandular. The vascular system of the petiole is arranged in a spaced arc. Based on this an indented dichotomous key is presented to distinguish the species.
Senna , foliar , morphology , herbal , Nigeria
Ogundipe, O. T., Kadiri, A. B. and Adekanmbi, O. H. (2009). Foliar epidermal morphology of some Nigerian species of Senna (Caesalpiniaceae).Indian Journal of Science and Technology 2(10): 5 - 9